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Otamatone: The Strange Japanese Instrument

If you have not heard about an Otamatone yet, it is a one-of-a-kind musical instrument created by Maywa Denki design firm and the CUBE Works, a toy company. It features a cute silicone face and charming analog synth that more and more people are starting to enjoy especially with its growing popularity on the Internet. Its body is shaped like an eighth note (quaver) where the sound emerges from its mouth on the notehead. This two-handed synthesizer instrument’s name Otamatone is a combination of two words - “oto” which means sound and “mato” which means “hand sound”. This instrument looks like a cartoonish tadpole with arms and a face, but the best part is you can play any song with...

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9 Surprising Benefits of Music for Your Brain and Body

Have you ever felt pumped up while listening to your favorite rock anthem or shed a tear to a love song playing at a church wedding? That’s the power of music. It can energize your body or impact your mood. Here are the other benefits of music for your brain and body: 1. Music can elevate your mood and make you happy. Except for sad, weepy songs, music can elevate your mood by boosting the production of dopamine or the “happy hormone” in your brain. So whenever you’re having a rough day, open your Spotify and play some soft, soothing music. Fast-paced pop and rock songs work, too. If you merely want to laugh, play and mess with Otamatone to...

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5 Cool Gifts for Musicians

Buying a gift can be tricky, especially for a musician who seems to have it all. You could purchase a record or album of their favorite artist, but it can be redundant in the age of streaming (and they probably already have it!). So, if you’re looking for inspiration, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up a few unique & cool gift ideas you can give to a musician.   1. Otamatone Made in Japan, Otomatone is an adorable and cartoon-like electronic musical synthesizer. Slide your finger up and down the Onomatone’s spine/neck, and you’ll hit specific musical notes. You can squeeze the sides of the mouth to control the volume, tone, and pitch.  Otamatone is cute and fun to play!...

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