Otamatone Neo Black

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W2.64 × H11.22 × D5.39 in (W67 × H285 × D137 mm)

Powered by
3 AAA batteries (alkaline batteries)

Practice sheet, Test batteries

Immerse in the world of music with the new Otamatone Neo.

The new Otamatone Neo is the 10th-anniversary special edition of the Otamatone series designed for better playability and performance. Connect it with a smartphone or tablet using the OTM link function, and you can change the sound of Otamatone to different musical instruments making it more fun to play.  The enhanced wider stem switch with improved sensitivity allows creativity in music. The thicker and increased length of the Otamatone with volume control, octave switch, and 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack covers a wide range and establishes a power-play performance. The advanced power indicator light reminds on/off battery conditions.

Compact and stylish design allows easy portability. The beautiful and safely packed Otamatone is perfect for kids, adults, and teens. Also, it serves as a wonderful gift choice on all your favorite occasions.

The new Otamatone Neo is compatible with the official app “Otamatone Studio”, and is available in two different colors of your choice – white and black.