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Here comes the all-favorite pink hero from Dreamland… Yes, it’s Kirby!

The award-winning and best-selling musical instrument Otamatone has launched its second character series – the famous Nintendo’s “Kirby” during its 25th anniversary.  This stylish Otamatone with a pink body has Kirby’s face imprinted on its round silicone head provides a fun and realistic appearance. Performing Kirby’s songs with the moving slit makes this Kirby-themed version of Otamatone naturally beautiful. The switches provided on the back of the silicon head allow you to adjust the two types of volume (small/big) and the three types of octave ranges (low/medium/high). Play different notes by simply pressing and sliding your fingers up and down the sensitive stem. Shake the stem to add a cool vibrato effect. This special edition series is a perfect combination of your love of music and video games.

If you are a video game lover and the greatest fan of Kirby, think no further. This Kirby-themed Otamatone needs to be in your collection. This Otamatone Kirby is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (Alkaline batteries).

Sizes: W67 x H270 x D133mm