Otamatone Add-on Dracutaman Halloween Special


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A scary and cool companion for your amazing Otamatones

The world-famous musical instrument is getting ready to make its presence in the dark world. The vampire teeth for Otamatones made of premium-quality thermoplastic rubber provide long-lasting durability and an eye-catching appearance. The vampire fangs are designed securely to provide a comfortable fit and will not cause any damage to your lovely Otamatones. The Dracutaman vampire teeth are flexible and can be easily attached to the Otamatones without the assistance of any special tools/glue. The scary vampire teeth accessory is compatible with the models such as Colors, Sweets, Japan, Kirby, Kiss, Clear, Unicorn, Crystal, and all other standard edition Otamatones. The Otamatone fake teeth serve as a perfect gift for Otamatone lovers and enthusiasts on all special occasions/festivities. Fix this accessory to your Otamatones and walk the ramp in style during Halloween parties and other costume events.

The cute and funny Otamatone becomes a modern-day bloodsucker with the beautiful yet frightening Dracutaman vampire teeth.

Installation Method:

  • Gently remove the round silicone skinhead of your Otamatone.
  • Wipe the upfront part of the instrument with a soft, clean dry cloth to remove the presence of any dust particles.
  • Place the Dracutaman teeth on the front part of the Otamatone head and carefully adjust to fit in the position.
  • Place the silicone head back and press the mouth to check if everything works fine.

Product Size:  35 x 20 x 2mm (L x B x H).

Packaging Size: 37 x 18 x 2mm (L x B x H).

Color: Red