Otamatone Hatsune Miku


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W2.63 × H10.62 × D5.23in (W67 × H270 × D133mm)

Powered by
3 AAA batteries

Practice sheet, Test batteries

Learn and enjoy your favourite music in a fun way!

It’s really unbelievable to witness the world-famous Hatsune Miku turned into a cute Otamatone musical instrument. This special edition of the Otamatone series is designed for providing the user with the best performance and play experience. This singing musical-note-shaped instrument has Miku’s face imprinted on its round silicone head providing an amusing and realistic appearance. Easily adjust volumes and octave ranges with the volume switch and octave changeover switch provided in the back of the Otamatone head. Play your favourite music notes by simply pressing and sliding the fingers up and down the wide touch-sensitive stem. The 3.5mm stereo jack provided in the back allows you to connect your headphones and speakers to the musical synthesizer. No surprise, you’ll fall in love with this elegantly and innovatively designed Otamatone.

Yes, she is lovely, cute, and attractive. Hatsune Miku is the popular virtual Japanese pop star performing on the Vocaloid music software. This sixteen-year global icon has featured in over 100,000 songs and performed 3D sold-out concerts worldwide. The name Hatsune Miku comes from the Japanese language meaning “the first sound of the future”.

The compact and stylish design of this Otamatone version allows easy portability and serves as a wonderful gift choice for kids, teens, and adults on all your special occasions.