Otamatone Japan Lucky Cat


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The Otamatone series has engraved a special figurine “Lucky Cat” in its new version to bring luck and good fortune to you and your family. This Otamatone Lucky Cat version not only provides you with happiness, wealth and prosperity but also flourishes you with the happiest music. This musical instrument designed with the face of the Japanese traditional Lucky Cat looks cuter and stylish compared to all its other versions. The model name is printed on the flag part of the Otamatone in traditional Japanese kanji characters. The switches provided on the back of the silicon head allow you to adjust the two types of volume (small/big) and the three types of octave ranges (low/medium/high). Play different notes by simply pressing and sliding your fingers up and down the sensitive stem. Shake the stem to add a cool vibrato effect. Mostly liked by kids, this Otamatone version creates a perfect bonding between music and fun.

This beautiful Otamatone Lucky Cat version is compact and can be carried anywhere you go. Play it along with your family and friends during functions and get together events. We are sure that when you play this fortune musical instrument, no wonder everybody will love it. Present this fantastic gift to your little ones to showcase your love for them.