Otamatone Japan Ninja

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Straight from the traditional Japanese culture, here comes another legendary hero “Ninja” – a person highly skilled in Japanese martial arts and stealth. This Otamatone Ninja version with a double-colored body theme reminds us the most famous Japanese warrior of all times. Most of the musical instruments don’t have a face and this special feature makes the Ninja version stand out from the rest. It is really fascinating and wonderful to see the cutest musical instrument with a face. The model name is printed on the flag part of the Otamatone in traditional Chinese characters. This cute Otamatone has an inbuilt octave selector switch with three types of ranges (low/medium/high) to create a better sustainability and warmer tone while playing music. In addition, the Otamatone has a power and volume switch for an easy and efficient use. Simply start playing the music by pressing and sliding the fingers up and down the stem. To create a vibrato effect, just shake the stem while playing the music.

Playing music with the Otamatone Ninja version provides more fun and happiness. Play it together with your family or friends and bring out the aspiring musician within you. This Otamatone Ninja version will be a perfect gift for a foreign friend as well as a wonderful gift to your friends and family members.