Otamatone Original White

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W2.63 × H10.62 × D5.23 in (W67 × H270 × D133 mm)

Powered by
3 AAA batteries

Practice sheet, Test batteries


The Otamatone Originals are the standard model of the Otamatone series and comes in black and white. This cute and adorable musical instrument will accompany you from a beginner level to a professional musician. This cute Otamatone has an inbuilt octave selector switch with three types of ranges (low/medium/high) to create better sustainability and a warmer tone while playing music. Besides, the Otamatone has a power and volume switch for easy and efficient use. Simply start playing the music by pressing and sliding the fingers up and down the stem.

Although the Otamatone is simple in structure, playing the musical instrument will be more fun and enthusiastic. This unique and innovative Otamatone design has received high praise from fans all over the world. Gift this musical masterpiece to your loved ones, kids, friends and relatives on every special occasion/festive season.