Otamatone Sweets Mint

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The world-famous Otamatone now comes in inspiring and delicious sweet colours – strawberry, mint and chocolate to satisfy your taste buds. This singing musical-note shaped instrument with the new gingham check package design raises cuteness to the next levels and provides an aspiring iconic look. This cute Otamatone has an inbuilt octave selector switch with three types of ranges (low/medium/high) to create better sustainability and a warmer tone while playing music. In addition, the Otamatone has a power and volume switch for easy and efficient use. Simply start playing the music by pressing and sliding the fingers up and down the stem. To create a vibrato effect, just shake the stem while playing the music.

This super-fun stylus design is compact and can be easily carried anywhere you go. The vibrant coloured Otamatone is very much attractive and will easily grab everyone’s attention. Best musical instrument for kids, teens and adults to learn and develop their musical skills happily.