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5 Cool Gifts for Musicians

5 Cool Gifts for Musicians Buying a gift can be tricky, especially for a musician who seems to have it all. You could purchase a record or album of their favorite artist, but it can be redundant in the age of streaming (and they probably already have it!). So, if you’re looking for inspiration, we’re […]

9 Surprising Benefits of Music for Your Brain and Body

Have you ever felt pumped up while listening to your favorite rock anthem or shed a tear to a love song playing at a church wedding? That’s the power of music. It can energize your body or impact your mood. Here are the other benefits of music for your brain and body: 1. Music can […]

Otamatone: The Strange Japanese Instrument

Otamatone: The Strange Japanese Instrument If you have not heard about an Otamatone yet, it is a one-of-a-kind musical instrument created by Maywa Denki design firm and the CUBE Works, a toy company. It features a cute silicone face and charming analog synth that more and more people are starting to enjoy especially with its […]

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