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Adorable and cartoon-like electronic instrument with it’s own personality

What is actually

Otamatone ?

The note-shaped wonder from Japan! The Otamatone is a musical toy that's both easy and fun to play! Simply press down on the spine, give the sides of the mouth a squeeze and enjoy! Express yourself by choosing from a variety of colours and themes, from black to pink, from ninjas to cats. We hope you will find the right Otamatone for you!

..an instrument of note!


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"This thing is hilarious!"

This thing is hilarious. My 15 y.o. brother asked for it for Christmas. He's already figured out how to play a couple songs on his own. I like that there are 2 volume settings. Even on high it's not obnoxiously loud, just enough to hear when people are talking. I also liked that the packaging was all in Japanese. Not that it matters, it just looked cool.

Talen T.C.
"Messing with the Otamatone was fun!"

I have never played an instrument, so messing with the Otamatone was fun, but it works great and comes with a switch to change the pitch (Lo, Med, Hi). It requires some force to press down and register the sound, but it is sensitive to even the slightest movement to change the note that was initially pressed. They use AAA batteries, but please ensure that you turn it off after using it, as the batteries will drain rapidly and require replacement batteries! I wish the battery cover was a non-screw based one for easy access, but that is my only annoyance with it.

Allison G.
"It is soooo much fun! "

It is soooo much fun! The way it works is simple enough for anyone, regardless of musical skill, to figure out and have fun with! All of my friends have had a blast with this.Unlike a guitar, there aren't frets. So getting a hold on where each note is takes some muscle memory. BUT! That makes sliding notes easy and really fun :P

Petr S.
"I had no idea an Otamatone could bring so much joy to a child!"

I had no idea an Otamatone could bring so much joy to a child. My kids loved it. The sound is not so loud as to drive the parents crazy, and fun enough to keep them busy playing along with their favorite songs or making up their own silly songs. They both love it. a good purchase, arrived early, packaged well.

Patrik M.